Wednesday, May 25, 2005

no drugs for me

my husband gave me a sudafed earlier b/c i'm all stopped up for some reason and keep sneezing... he said to be careful... when i take vitamins it makes me real jittery and sometimes loopy... he said sudafed might make me that way... welll i took ONE of those little red pills and i'm way off. I'm soo stinkin loopy right now.. i'm like in a daze or something... i'm definitely not good on medicine like this... it also makes my heart race which is definitely not good after all the junk i've been through... bu ti'm okay... i think i'm going to bed soon... i have to get up real early for jessica's awards thingy


SongwriterSam said...

Hi Nicole. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for making me feel alot better about the Bo situation! You are sooo right. He doesn't need that AI contract to become a star. He already is one, and you are right again about the Rueben/Clay thing. I never hear anything about Reuben! Anyway, thanks so much, again. Your blog is great, and I think your hair looks great, too. My best to you and your family. SWS

michael said...

nicole i dont think that the sudafed has anything to do with you being loopy

Vickie said...

Hey, with your heart thing you don't need to take ANY over the counter anything unless you call your doctor and they tell you it is ok. There are some out there that won't effect your heart. You can also ask your pharmacist what he can recommend after you tell himabout your heart problem. Get it kiddo?