Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day!

Jessica left for camp at 8:30am... I cried... I guess with all the stuff going on right now and me feeling like i have to protect her has finally just overwhelmed me.... I didn't let her see my crying... i waited till i drove off.

Darcy had a Dr's appt at 11am. Can you believe that scheduled her check up on Memorial day... I wasn't paying attention when they did it. anyways... Darcy is 16lbs... 27 inches long! The dr came in and the first thing she said was... is her eye getting worse.

Darcy has had a 'clogged tearduct' since she was born!!!!! Evertime i go to the dr I ask her if there is anything we can do... she says no... it will go away on its own. Its sooo annoying b/c anytime someone see's her that say... is she sick.... does she have pink eye... i'm gettting real tired of explaining it!

Okay so back to the dr. She finally decides to give us some stuff for her eyes... when the dr. looks in her ear she says... she's got some fluid in her ear... it must be where the eye has spread... I wanted to scream! So now she's got some medicine for her eye and ear!

Darcy got 4 shots!!!! Matt was with me... he was a little disturbed when she started screaming b/c of the pain. He grabbed her up and starting loving on her... it was sweet.

After the doctor visit my parents came over. We played cards on the back porch while the charcoal got ready. We grilled Chicken, ribs and corn on the cob.... my mom brought some baked beans and cole slaw... it was yummy. After lunch we played cards again... we were playing spades... teams were mom/me and dad/matt... my dad and mom cannot play on the same teams b/c they get mad at each other. We were having a blast. Matt and I are new to spades but we really like the game. there were some rules that Matt didn't know and he messed up a few times and my dad would get all excited... it was funny though.

My sister and family stopped by on their way back from the beach... they ended up playing cards with us.... we had to move everything inside b/c it was getting cool. We changed games and started playing continental jin?? i haven't played this game since i was jessica's age.... it was matt's first time. We played cards from 1pm till 9:30 pm!!!! finally everyone left and we went to bed!

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