Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm back!!!

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a few days... ever feel like so much has happened its hard to catch everyone up on all the drama.... well i've had drama and i'll try to share but i'm so over it i'm tired of talking about it!

Lets see where to begin... Friday we went shopping. Right after Heather and I left the house Mr. Brock (matt's dad) and asked Heather where she was b/c she came in and left without telling anyone where she was going --- HELLO... this is supposed to be like her own little apartment... why does she have to tell him her every move?? Besides she wouldn't have to sneak out if Amy didn't go on this big pity party b/c she wasn't hanging out with her!--- Well she tells Mr. B that her and I are going shopping. As soon as she gets off the phone I said Oh poor Matt... he's going to call him and ask him to do something or just bug him to death one. Well I was right b/c he called Matt and pretended he didn't know I was shopping with Heather. They got off the phone and about 30 minutes later he showed up at our back door without an invite! He came in and wanted to talk to Matt b/c he said he felt like there was a division in the family... mostly between me and amy. ----- let me interrupt right here... yes there is division between the two us... some of you know the whole story and others of you do not... amy lied about something very very big ( to say the least ) this something big was going to ruin relationships and she knew it would... but again... it was a lie and she's been called out on it... sorry I cannot share with you what it was about----- Some of this 'division' has to do with the lie that Amy told. Some of it has to do with the fact that she likes to make comments about things that she has no business making. For example, My wonderful brother in law, michael has joined the military. Amy cannot say one good thing about the situation but instead to his wife, heather, she makes comments like... he's killing innocent people... oh this is a good one... they were talking about some country song about a man who comes back from over seas to find his wife has had an affair... amy says to HEATHER that he deserved it b/c he left his wife to go and kill innocent people that he deserves anything bad that happens to him. HELLO!!!

Anyways so Matt's dad comes over here and just starts going on and on about how amy feels like no one likes her and how we all need to handle things in a christian mannor and go to each other about our problems and so forth and so forth.

Saturday morning Mr. B approaches Heather and says that Amy feels like Heather does like her anymore b/c she doesn't hang out with her. Heather tried to explain to Mr. B that Amy suck the life out of her b/c she's always whinning about something and she's always making hurtful comments.

Saturday afternoon Mr. B comes over here to use the weed eater... he doesn't approach me... now he can talk all about me to everyone else but cannot come to me... so I say to him... do you want to talk to me about the 'division' in the family? He just kinda smiles that uncomfortable smile and says yes. so we talked and i told him everythings she's said to stir up all this trash... we talk for hours!!!! He comes back later (after weed eating) and talks to Matthew out on the porch... as soon as I walk out he quits talking... i come back inside. 30 minutes later Matt comes in... mr. b has just spent the last 30 minutes or so talking about ME to my husband!!!!!!! how wrong is that! He's telling Matt all the things that Amy said about me but am I there to defend myself??? Well Matt comes in furious b/c his dad has just preached this spill about going to each other but he hasn't approached me yet but instead can talk to everyone but me about ME!

Matt and I are to the point where we simply do not care if his sister is a part of our lives or not.... we just want all this junk to go away!!!

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