Monday, July 24, 2006

We're Home

We got back yesterday around 6pm. We had a great trip. Darcy loved the pool... she was the first one in and the last one out every day! The boys liked the water also... they spent more time in the sunshade tent next to the pool. I'm really glad Jessica was able to take a friend b/c without Hope (her friend) she would have been bored.

Our closing got pushed back to Wednesday.... urg!!!!!!!!

I've been on the computer/phone most of the day trying to get all of our services set up at our new house. So far I cannot find a internet provider... I had to call some backwoods phone company for our home phone and they don't provide internet service to our area! The only one I've found is but they're really expensive... like $600 just to set it up then its $100 a month!!!! I may just have to settle for AOL dial up :(

I took some pictures on our vacation but I have to take them to walmart to put them on a disc before I can upload them... or i can just wait until we get into our house and then post all my pics. So until then I cannot play any of the games Mel has put on her blog :(

Jessica is at volleyball camp till 8pm... she's been there since 9am! They have it again tomorrow and wednesday but on wed they only have camp till noon.

I bought tickets to see the Doodlebops on Nov 18th for Darcy. Me, matty and Darcy will go... she loves the doodlebops! thanks heather ;)


dana said...

That will be such an awesome time for you guys. My kids love the doodlebops too. Glad you had a good mini vacation.

Mel said...

There will always be more games & you can always comment on there when you catch up so people can come look!!!