Thursday, July 13, 2006

slip and slide

I gotta a real fun idea for all you mom's that run out of things to do with your kids...

... poor baby oil, lotion and diaper cream all over hardwood floors and PLAY!

Thats what Darcy did today!!! She had a grand ole time!!!

I had given her a bath after lunch (normally i do this at night but b/c she had mashed potatoes and ketchup all over her i decided to do it early) and then I laid her down for her nap... well i guess the bath woke her up b/c I heard her little feet on the floor and came up stairs to check on her... she heard me walking down the hallway and she was running for the bed LOL... I opened the floor and oh what a mess!! I bout busted my butt!!!!

1 comment:

Denise said...

That's too funny! My mom left me alone in the kitchen once when I was little. I opened up the freezer (her freezer was on the bottom of the fridge) and tore off all the labels from the frozen veggie packages. She had surprise veggies for some time!!!!