Sunday, July 16, 2006

still here

sorry i haven't posted anything interesting lately... things have been sorta busy.

jessica's b'day is tuesday... she'll be 11 years old!!!! some of you remember when she was born... don't you feel old!??!

We're leaving Thursday morning for the beach... pray that the little ones ride well. We'll be back on Sunday.

On Monday we close on our house. We'll spend the rest of that week painting and putting in hardwood floors in the living room. Hopefully we'll move in the following weekend.

School starts back on August 9th.

Matthew got moved to a new job... he's going to be working at the Gateway school... its a school for young people that are too young for prision... whooo hoooo! Some guy told matthew that the ambulance is always up there... GREAT! It's by the airport if that tells ya anything!

The boys are HUGE! Darcy is a mess. Jessica is turning into a little lady.

oh and i have a knot on my head from where Darcy headbutted me last night... it was not an accident!!! She thought it was funny and kept doing it... i have a tender spot now... she's fine!

We also got to see Aunt Amy last night... she's been traveling the world for the last 6 months! She had some great pictures.... things we normally only see on the history channel... she saw firsthanded!

well thats all folks. have a good one.

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Staci said...

Get your camera fixed!!! I need pictures!!!