Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Review

Friday night Matthew and I grilled steaks... yummy!!!!! Jessica spent the night with my mom and they went to the Auburn game Saturday. We were home with the little ones.

Saturday Matthew had to work :( His dad came over and finished painting the hallway and kitchen. And once Matthew got home we went to his parents house for dinner.

Sunday we skipped church. We had to be at too many places at one time. Jessica had gone straight from Saturday's game to a friends house for a sleepover. We had to pick her up around lunch and then we went to Jumpzone in Pelham... its another indoor inflatable playground. It was packed!!!! And with it being a weekend there were lots of older kids!! About 45 minutes after we'd been there they called for the kids there for ______ b'day party to head to the party room... well the placed was empty!!!!! We had the whole thing completely to ourselves the rest of the time!!!! Matthew and his dad took off their shoes and raced going down the giant slide!!!! LOL! We had a blast!

After we left there we had a late lunch at the Purple Onion - yummy! And then we went to visit Matt's grandfather in the nursing home. He's there for physical therapy... hopefully not long. Right now they're trying to get him to swallow... they're using shock treatment!!!! yikes!

We ended up at my parents house for a supper and finally made it home around 9 or so.

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