Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm beat!

We had a play date today at PUMP IT UP and I'm tired!!!! We met Aimee, Luke(3yrs), Ian(1yr), Kelly and Will (almost 3) there. This was our first time there and we will definitely be going back!!! I'm bummed b/c its only open to the public on Tues, Wed and Thurs from 10am till 12 pm. If I hadn't have already spent so much money on the doodlebops tickets I would have Darcy's birthday party there. SHE LOVED IT! There's a HUGE slide that must be at least 50ft... my little girl went down all by herself - several times! I couldn't get her off that thing! I was a little worried about how she'd act when it was time to go but she was so tired I didn't have a problem. She slept all the way home but now she's gotten her second wind and she won't go down for a nap.

ps. I've got the dooblebops worked out... but thanks to all those that offered to babysit... I appreciate you!

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