Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love my DVR

Matthew and I had Dish Network in our old house and loved it. But when we moved here we added the DVR (built in recorder). Most of the stuff we've recorded is cartoons! I have this bright idea that I'll record a whole bunch of cartoons and then burn them onto a DVD so I can make copies for the grandparents to keep at there house. Ya know Barney is on 24/7 at our house... Darcy just thinks thats great! All she has to say is Barney and wolla... he's on! Same goes for Blues Clues, Dora & Boots (not Dora the Explorer) and Go Diego Go! Luckily if you're watching a recorded program you can still record another program... so when Dora's on at 7pm on Thursday night I'm still able to record Survivor!


Denise said...

I have got to get a dvr. I wanted the recordable cable box - but the distributor by me does not carry it. and if I try to order it from COmcast they want $150 to run a background check on me!!! Yup - that is what they said! A background check on me for a cable box with the digital recorder!!!! Crazy!

Heather said...

huh...a background check? That one would've thrown me for a loop!

dana said...

I second that, I love DVR!!