Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Terrible Tuesday???

Its only 10 am but I'm ready for this day to be over with!!!! Its yucky outside! I was feeding one of the boys and Darcy disappeared on me. I knew she'd gone down the hall but I also remembered shutting all the doors. The only room she could get into was the laundry room... she likes to lay on the piles of clothes. I called for her several times and finally she came. After feeding the baby I noticed a trail of formula. Darcy, for what ever reason, likes to get the cans of formula and eat the powder!! Apparently when I made Jacob's bottle I didn't push the formula back on the counter far enough. She had poured out the rest of the can (about half full) all down the hall. That stuff is like powdered Gold! The boys go through a can of that a day... at $13 a can! Guess I'll learn to keep it out of her reach!

On Sunday Matthew, Jessica and myself went to the Christmas village at the BJCC with my sister and nephew. I wanted to buy a christmas ornament with all of our names on it... I get a new one every year. I was able to find a really cute one with 6 little snowmen. I also bought something to put in the yard. Its a pole with 3 little signs that say "From our house to your house, Merry Christmas!" I thought it was super cute. I love Christmas decorations. I love the old timey looking ones and I love snowmen! I've always wanted Christmas dishes but haven't gotten any yet.

Jessica has her 2nd round of basketball tryouts today after school. I'm not sure if she's going to make it or not. Its for the Junior Varisty team which is made up of 6th through 9th graders... most of whom have been playing a long time. This is Jessica's first attempt at BB.

The boys are starting to be more mobile... they're not crawling yet but I expect them to any day now. They're rolling everywhere they want to go... its precious. They also grab Darcy's hair if its reachable. They've started to sit up but not for long. I guess thats my fault b/c I seldom have time to sit in the floor with them... but i've been trying to make more time to do so. They're doing much better with baby food. They eat cereal in the mornings and at supper they have baby food.

Darcy is my little daredevil. She's a jumper. If she can jump from it she will. She jumps from the coffee table to the couch and back. She jumps from the 3rd bottom step. She jumps on her daddy... mommy doesn't let her. She has a plastic kitchen at the Brock's house that she turns upside down and jumps from it. She eats better when I feed her. I'm hoping she'll grow out of all these copycat things when the boys do. She'll scream for a bottle when i give the boys one. She'll climb up in my lap and lay like a baby. She's a MESS!

Well i don't know I already mentioned this or not but I finally got my computer/craft room picked up. Its not painted yet. And I haven't gotten the doors mounted to the walls yet (they're gonna be my work table) but i'm hoping that will be my christmas present from Matthew.

Sam and Tiffany... along with their little ones... are coming to stay with us the first weekend in December. I'm trying to get things looking decent for when they arrive. But sooner than that I have Darcy's b'day party THIS weekend. The worse part is...I basically have to wait till the last minute to get ready for it or else it will be trashed before the party. I'll just keep the house picked up as best as I can and then on Friday I'll do the GOOD cleaning. I think I'll visit the dollar store for some candles... believe it or not they have some good smellin candles!


~CRYSTAL~ said...

I still need to come spend the day with you! The boys are going to be 5 before I ever see them....I'm such a bad friend. :(

jamleah said...

I wanna come over too!

Staci said...

Thanks for the update! Its good to read about your life with twins plus Darcy bug. Can't wait to see you!