Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Say a prayer for matthew's truck...

He called me today on his way home from work and said his brakes were grinding. He said he didn't feel comfortable driving it any more and could I please pick him up from the mechanic's. So I loaded up all the little ones and met him there. We're hoping its something very simply and cheap... why do things always happen at birthday's and Christmas!?! This weekend is Darcy's party and there are still things I need to pick up for it. And Christmas is just around the corner!!!!!


native-nc said...

Yippee! Aren't cars great!?

Anonymous said... vehicle's brakes have gone now too. I hit a pothole yesterday and it jarred something in there. Plus we think we broke the hand brake too. We are praying that's all it is. We'll find out this weekend I guess.

Praying for a cheap repair for you :)