Tuesday, September 12, 2006


yea thats the chant we did ALL weekend long... along with a few others :)

Before we left we made a few goody bags for some of the girls. We also made some signs and decorated the car.

Jessica and I had a great time in Florence. She rode the bus up there which gave me some much needed alone time in the car. We got there around 9pm Thursday night. The JH had to be in their rooms by 10pm... Jessica was a little bummed b/c it was just her and I. But to our surprise we had visitors!!! 2 Varisity girls came and hung out in our room till their curfew. And you know Jessica was on cloud 9! She thought she was big stuff!

Friday was a long day. All of our teams did great. The JH was expected to win anything but just to have a learning experience. Most of the other teams the JH team played were actually waaaay older than them.

Friday night everyone went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Jessica and I ended up at the same table as 4 other Varisity girls... again, Jessica was waaaay excited. They all seem to like Jessica... she is pretty cute ya know :)

Saturday our JH team won its first ever match in Kingwood history!!!! They were beside themselves. Our JV team won 2nd place in their age group and our Varisity girls won the tournament!!!!!!!!!

We got home around 9 something Saturday night. Matthew was glad to see me and I was super glad to see him. Darcy and the boys were asleep. I tried to wake up Darcy but she was out cold!!!! Sometime in the wee hours of the morning she came into our room and I met her at the door. She ran to me with her little arms wide open and I held her forever!!!! I really missed them all. The next morning when I peeked over the sides of the cribs the boys started kicking their little legs... it was such a sweet feeling to know how much I was missed.

Matthew handled everything without a problem... not that I doubted him for one minute! He managed to give all the little ones a bath!!!!!! I was impressed!

Jessica has a game tonight at Kingwood and again Thursday in Columbiana. She has a tournament all day Saturday and at 2pm I have to sneak away to go to Matthew Staggs' wedding.

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~CRYSTAL~ said...

Oh I glad you had a good time! Sounds like you had fun.