Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Denise

Okay so I'll admit I'm not exactly sure what date your birthday is on... I know its after my anniversary and I feel horrible. Hopefully you'll forgive for not knowing the exact date... but please tell me so I can get it right next year!

For the rest of you... Matthew and I met Denise (and her b'friend at the time) while we were on our honeymoon in New Orleans in Sept 2003. We actually met while on the graveyard tour... or was it call the voodoo tour. Anyways we ended up meeting them later that night for dinner. Here's the funny part... the whole time Matthew and I were in NO we looked at every menu (they're posted on the outside of the restaurants) before we went inside. On this particular night they had suggested a oyster type bar (we figured the cost would be okay) but when we got there the line was waaaay out the door. So Kevin leads us next door and straight inside with little to no wait. As I walked in the door I was thinking OMG!!! The place was N I C E and everyone was dressed up. We were led to our table where another waitor was waiting for us. WHITE TABLECLOTHES!!!!! They pulled out our chairs and placed our napkins in our laps... yea we were thinking OMG what have we gotten ourselves into!!!!! I don't recall seeing prices on the menu and half of the dishes were in another language!!!! They ordered oysters for an appetizer. Matthew and I split some dish with all different kinds of seafood... i remember squid being one of them... YUCK! So we ate and had a few drinks... we were really nervous to get the bill but before we knew it, it had been taken care of by Kevin and Denise... we were flabbergasted (sp). We continued from there to a little irish whole in the wall bar and listened to some guy sing old irish drinking songs. This was the last night of our honeymoon. But before we all went our separate ways we swapped phone numbers. And we've been friends ever since!

Denise even surprised me and flew down for Darcy's baby shower!!!!

Anyways, I'm sorry that I can't remember your birthday. I hope whenever it is/was you have/had a good one!!!!

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Denise said...

Thanks Nicole! My b-day is Sept 22. It was an odd b-day. Lunch with mom and then pulled weeds in the rain! Yup - mom figured the roots would be weakend because the front yard flooded & she insisted I hold the bucket for her! The little old guy I meet for breakfast at the diner on Sundays gave me a replica samurai sword and a chinese throwing star! What I recall about NO was that poor matthew wanted to order the same thing Kevin had - soft shell crab and because the prices were kind of high you made him share that seafood platter! He looked so sad! kev & I figured the least we could do was treat you guys o your honeymoon - especially after his antics on the cemetary tour!!!