Friday, June 25, 2010

Working like Dawg

not really... but working at all is more than I'm used too ;) I'm grateful the my paycheck for the experience to work with these very special people. Its a real eye opening experience. I love it. I love the people I care for and the people I work with. I have some training coming up and I'm looking forward to increasing my knowledge in those areas. All of this is going to be a huge plus in my nursing career - whatever area I chose to serve in.

The shifts are alot like hospital shifts. Except for we're not on the same shift... we rotate. So far I've worked all shift except for the Owl shift (11pm till 7am). The 7am till 3pm isn't too bad once I get up and get going but I hate waking up at 5:30!

Jessica has been doing a lot of babysitting but b/c I'm getting paid I'm actually able to give her some money too. And she's rewarded in other ways (example. her b/f has been here since 2 o'clock).

Matthew has also done a lot of long hours lately. Today he got off an hour and half early but b/c of an accident on the interstate it took him nearly 2 hours to get home!

Well its the weekend and I'm only scheduled for Sunday 3pm till 11pm so I'm gonna enjoy some family time!


native-nc said...

Hey Momma! Congrats on getting in to nursing school! Looking forward to spending some time together if it works out. Love ya bunches~

Jamie said...

Girl you make that money!!