Friday, June 18, 2010


Jessica is gone to volleyball camp and I'm spending the day by the pool with the kids - um baby pool. I'm trying to get some sun on my WHITE legs. Its so hot out there I keep having to come in to cool down. The baby pool isn't big enough for all of us :( But ONE DAY... I'll have a real inground pool!

I also have some studying to do for work. There's a lot of documentation to do - A LOT! And everything is done a certain way for each form. This is all very good practice b/c all of this will help me in nursing. I actually get to take some very good training courses in medication, CPR and some other areas. All of these are going to give me a leg up in the nursing program.

I have to work tomorrow night and sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to it but hate I'm going to miss Father's Day with my hubby. Darcy keeps insisting that we take him to the zoo... so she can ride the carousel :)

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Jamie said...

I think your hubby knows how much you love him!