Monday, December 11, 2006


A lot of things have been going on here lately... mostly things I can't say here. My kids are great and my marriage is wonderful so before your imagination goes wild I thought I'd throw that out there.

The other day I found something out that really weighted heavy on my heart. My heart hurt for someone... actually its 2 people. But I've been praying and seeking God as to what to do or say.

Jessica is taking exams this week... FIVE of them actually. I don't remember taking exams at that age. You should have seen the amount of stuff she had to know for her history exam... waaaaay too much info if you ask me. She's been studying and I'm sure she'll do fine. She's also in the middle of basketball season. She's got to play way more than I expected... and has made some awesome plays too! No baskets but other good things. She's stolen the ball twice!

Darcy has got a new saying and she knows when to use it. I guess she's heard us ask her "why'd you do that?" way too many times. The other night we were getting ready for bed and matthew did something and without any hesitation she looked at him and said "why'd you do that?" I couldn't stop laughing!!!!! Then last night she couldn't make up her mind where she wanted to sleep so after trips down the hall she ended up in our bed and when Matthew walked in the door with her she said "why'd you do that?" She's a mess!!!! She also likes trains... and last night as we were leaving the Brock's she found someone's christmas present... a Thomas the Train pull train. Of course she went crazy and now someone has one less Christmas present but Darcy is enjoying her new train. In fact, she slept with it last night, today at nap and I'm pretty sure its in her arms tonight. Oh and Darcy's new hiding place... the air vents in the floor. You'd be amazed at what we pull out of there!

Jacob and Jeremiah aren't crawling yet but I'm expecting them to any day now. They both get up on all fours and rock but thats about it. They roll everywhere they wanna go. Jeremiah shakes his head "no" alot... He just starts laughing and shaking his head... its cute. Jacob is more vocal and more aggressive. He pulls the spoon out of my hand when I feed them.

Matthew... oh my matty patty. Today he came in from work telling me about what he'd done today. Apparently one of the guys was messing with him b/c he was using a little harmer today instead of his big one. Well to show them how sturdy it was (or whatever he was trying to prove) he banged in on his hard hat... except he didn't have it on! LOL He said it took him a minute to realize what he'd done and of course everyone was laughing! He said it hurt really bad but he just laughed it off. Poor guy!

Well i'd better get to bed... my days start early and this week b/c of the half days of school I've got to get everything ready so we can hang out in Alabaster so we don't have to drive back in forth.

night night


Anonymous said...

Too funny about your hubby. :) I bet it was a shock to relize he had no hard hat on hehe

Anonymous said...

Sam LOL at the Matthew story...OUCH! I found the Christmas gift I was planning on bringing you while we were down there....guess it will become a New Year's gift instead.