Monday, December 04, 2006

The Flood

Man oh Man when it rains it POURS!

Thursday morning Sam and Tiffany, along with their boys, arrived around 4:30am. We spent the day catching up and playing with the little ones. Friday was about the same. Friday night we had planned on having a get together for everyone that told Sam and Tiffany that wanted to see them while they were here... well only one person showed up... which was fine by us. Jamie B and her boys came and they all played well together... rough too! LOL The boys would chase each other up and down the hallway and wrestle in the living room. At one point I walked down the hallway and noticed a wet spot in the middle of the hall. I brushed it off as someone had spilt something. A little while later I noticed that it had grown big time. The hot water heater had sprung a leak and soaked the entire floor surrouding it. But the amount of time it took was no time at all. I called the insurance guy this morning and he came out to look at it. He told me to get some carpet estimates and he'd get in touch with the restoration people. He said we'd need to pull it up and have them soak all the water out of the decking and it might have to be replaced. Well in the mean time I've gotten a estimate, found out my deductible and have been giving new directions. I am to have Matthew pull out the hot water heater, rip up the carpet to see if the boards are warped and put an dehumidifier in the room to get all the water up. It looks like filing a claim is not going to be our option. The estimate for the carpet is $594 and my deductable is $500... the fixing and restoration part can all be done by my hubby and his dad but we're still out having the carpet replaced... i'm bummed. We definitely do not have the funds to do this at this time but our house is already smelling pretty sour and we do not want to have a mold issue. For the health of our children this is unavoidable. please pray.


Anonymous said...

Mold is one scary thing! It's the main thing I worry about when the kids splash water on the floor during their baths. I wonder "Is it going to go somewhere and cause mold? Did I get it all?"

I will DEFINATELY be praying for your whole family during this time.

Heather said...

how much more will it cost to put in hardwood floors....maybe this could be a good time to do something like that...since you have to pull up the carpet anyway?