Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Def out of the question!

I don't think homeschooling is something I could pull off. The kids are home today b/c there's a funeral at the church. They brought home work to do and I also have plenty of school work. It was a rough morning and to be honest I felt like crying at times. I have a big test tomorrow and we had a optional review class today and I had to miss it b/c I needed to be here to make sure they all did their work. I'm having trouble focusing with them home. As soon as I get my nose in a book they're needing me for something. I have class this evening :( Its gonna be a long night!

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Denise said...

I don't agree with home schooling. Kids do not get socialized and learn to interact with other types of people. I have a case here where a korean mom/japanese dad home schooled both their children. Actually it was the mom who did it. The kids are INSANE smart. The boy is older and he is in med school at like age 15. He wrote a book in korean about what it was like going to college at like 12. The daughter was in college at 13 but dropped out. The mom has lawsuits on behalf of both children. She thinks they are discriminated against due to their age and of course they have no friends. Not shocking. How many college age kids want to hang out with a 13-14 year old. And any time her kids did not get an "A" she went and complained it was discrimination. Its crazy. The daughter is VERY rude - she is 17 now.