Monday, August 23, 2010

busy busy busy

I'm sorry to my faithful blog readers *snickers* but I've started school and my life is ubber busy. I'm still trying to hold on to my parttime job but school is very consuming. I greatly appreciate all the encouragement from you all. My anxiety issues have gotten better but I still have freak out moments. I spend HOURS a day at school and when I'm not there I spend HOURS studying. I met yesterday on Sunday for 4.5 hours to study with friends.... and yes we studied! There's so much information packed into 2 years! I have my first check off tomorrow... its me actually doing the steps infront of the instructors. Tomorrow is vital signs... blood pressure, pulse, respirations, heart beat and temperature. I'm good with everything except counting heartbeats! Its not as easy as 1, 2, 3 the heart beat makes two 2 sounds when it beats... lu dub is 1 beat. Sometimes I get confused and count lu 1 dub 2 or sometimes the beat is really fast and there's no pause.

Enough about that...

The kids are having a great year so far. The boys are seperated this year and at first they (Jeremiah) had a rough time but now they're doing great. Darcy is in K5 and she loves it. Jessica is in the 10th grade and so far all is well. They had a lot of folks not come back so the highschool has shrunk!

I finally broke down and bought my boys new booster seats. Their infant carriers were bought for us at their babyshower. Then I was given 2 Britax carseats (freecycle). They were outdated and one of them didn't even have the padding under the cover. I kept putting off buying new ones but I got convicted about their safety and finally broke down and purchased new ones. These can be used with the 5 point harness until they weight 60lbs and then it can be used with the seatbelt till they're 100 lbs. I really wanted the 5 pt harness b/c trying to get the seatbelt kind off and on would be a pain in the neck! I used my birthday money :(

okay well I can't promise that I'll update again soon but I'll definitely try.

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