Sunday, May 16, 2010

SCRUBS and stuff

I may be speaking too soon but... I'm pretty sure I got the job. That is IF my references say good things about me ;) The lady I interviewed with said all that we were waiting on is my background check. She said that could take a while... longer if nothing came up. Odd but I guess if they don't get anything the first time around they'll keep diggin ;) lol

Anyways... today I went online and ordered some scrubs. I don't have a lot of money to spend on them right now so I only ordered enough to get me by for a few days. Maybe after I get the job (and my first paycheck) I can order some more.

Jessica is finishing up the last few days of school... tomorrow is a half day and tuesday she has to go long enough to take one exam. The little ones are already out. I made a schedule for us but I'm not sure if we'll stick to it. I know it will help but just sticking to it will take a lot of effort.

I spent the weekend at the Extraordinary Women's conference... heard some great speakers. P&W was led by Charles Billingsley and then we had Jeremy Camp one night and Mark Shultz the other night. I was tired and ready to come home. Home Sweet Home

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~Crystal~ said...

They have super cute scrubs at Walmart. Have you looked at them?