Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Breakin it!

We're in the middle of our Spring Break.  The little ones are acutally with Matthew's parents today.  So far we've had a pretty good week.  Monday and Tuesday was a bust but Wednesday we went to the park and met up with my mom and nephew.  Tomorrow I'm spending the day with the kids while my mother in law comes to sit with Gmaw. I've thought about taking them to a movie.  Other options are visiting different parks all day long :) and pump it up.  I'm hoping it warms up a little more.  Jessica spent last weekend and the first part of the week at the beach.  I was able to plan a last minute get away to visit my dear friend Staci in Mississippi.  It was a great weekend get away.  This weekend Matthew and I are spending Saturday with the kids - maybe planting a garden :)  Sunday is Easter and everyone is coming to our house to celebrate Easter AND the boys 7th birthday!!!!  I can't believe my boys are going to be 7!!!!!

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